What are the consequences of class 4 felonies? Mendoza Jakobe Law (602-274-0016)

What are the consequences of class 4 felonies?

Class 4 Felonies, Mendoza Jakobe law.

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Arizona has a felony classification system whereby certain felonies are assigned a level or a class. Each class has its own sentencing range that the court must follow. This is because Arizona’s Legislature has adopted sentencing guidelines that require a certain amount of prison time for each class of felony. The judge cannot sentence a defendant below the statutory minimum or above the statutory maximum unless the law allows for it under special circumstances. This article is limited to examples of Class 4 felonies and the categorical penalties for first-time offenders, repetitive offenders, offenses committed while on felony probation, and dangerous offenses (weapons or dangerous instruments were used during the commission of the offense).

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