What to do if you suspect an animal is Rabid

What to do if you suspect an animal is RabidVeterinarians: To report an animal that you suspect to be rabid, clickhere.

What bites to report? ALL ANIMAL BITES to people are legally reportable in Los Angeles County except for rodent and rabbit bites.Wild mammal (excluding rodent and rabbit) bites to domestic animals are also reportable.Note that bat bites can be too small to detect.All bat-human or bat-domestic animal interactions should be reported. This does not just pertain to dog bote victims

How Do I Report Bites?To report bites in any part of Los Angeles County other than in the cities of Long Beach, Pasadena, or Vernon, contact Los Angeles County Veterinary Public Health and Rabies Control:

Scroll further down to read more about bite reporting.

  • Report by fax. For Animal Control Agencies, Physicians, and Veterinarians. Download the appropriate form and fax in to the number on the form.Click here for forms.
  • Online Reporting Portal. These portals are only for human medical facilities and the public, since they gather limited information about the biting animal. Veterinarians and shelters should use thepdf reporting forms. In the link to the portal below, you will be prompted by your computer to accept a security alert. Click Yes to proceed. This process may take several minutes.

    This is a secure website.

    Animal Bite Reporting Portal (public/medical submission)

  • To report bites in Pasadena, call the Pasadena Humane Society at: 626-792-7151.

    To report bites in Long Beach, call Long Beach Animal Control at: 562-570-7387.

    To report bites in Vernon, call the city Vernon and ask to speak to the Health Department: 323-583-8811


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